We are a positive business consultancy headquartered in Switzerland that develops successful companies that want to make a significant and meaningful difference in their business effectiveness, and in the world. Our services include consulting, leadership development, personal and executive coaching, and training.

Our approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship, strengths, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, emotional and social intelligence, mindset and mindfulness. As a result, our clients receive the cutting edge in research on well-being and flourishing. They can rest assured that whatever interventions are being used, they have been empirically validated and are applied with a discriminating touch to meet their individual and organizational needs.

The Company

Our mission is to show companies that with our solutions, they can not only achieve extraordinary performance, but that their business can be a force for good and that the good guy wins. Even the most cynical hard-driving companies who only think about financial returns have been positively impacted by these approaches.

We do this by transforming organizations and people’s lives with life-giving practices that ignite your employees’ engagement and boost their performance, thus improving retention, increasing levels of customer-satisfaction, improving quality and innovation, and yielding higher profits. A few examples of highly successful companies who use these approaches are Google, Zappos, Target, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Whole Foods Market, Cascade Engineering, Virgin Airlines, Southwest Airlines and even Amazon. Will you be one of the next?

At Thriving Workplace Solutions we are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives at work in ways that benefit your business’s bottom line, your leadership style, your employees, your customers and even the community. While companies aim to reach exceptional results, the conditions in which they operate are often less than conducive to doing so. Most workplaces are fuelled by constant negativity, anxiety and disengagement which linger below the radar, silently sucking the life out of the people who work there which leads to disengagement, burnout, high employee turnover, and more mistakes being made. All this ultimately impacts customer satisfaction levels and profits, even brand image.

In contrast, a thriving organization provides a life-giving environment which brings out the best in your employees so they feel alive and vital and are more resilient. Work becomes a place where they can grow and get better every day and where they are motivated to go the extra mile and offer their best to your company and your customers. The result is that everyone wins. Your employees and customers are happier and the bottom line is stronger.

The Founder

The CEO and founder of Thriving Workplace Solutions, Anne von Aichinger, is a trained positive psychology practitioner, executive coach and trainer who has learned from some of the leading professors and researchers in the field. She also brings a 20-year background as a committed meditation practitioner and is a trained yoga teacher. For the past 20 years she has experienced the transformative power of giving back through her work, and on a regular basis volunteers for a non-profit organization.

For her clients, the approach she brings them is nothing less than transformational. They also benefit through her constant learning which keeps her up-to-date on the latest research findings. For over 20 years Anne has worked with CEO’s, senior executives, middle managers and a vast range of other employees in Fortune-50 and 500 companies and other large and mid-sized international organizations in addition to various departments of the Swiss Federal Government having delivered training, coaching and consulting services.

Her experience spans many sectors including Banking and Financial Services, the Pharmaceutical Industry, IT, Construction, Telecom, Education, Consumer Products and Employment. Whether working with the company leader, a team or an employee, Anne likens herself to a human and workplace environmental strategist, specializing in uncovering her client’s existing ‘inner eco-systems’ to identify their strengths and what it is they want to transform. Then she supports them in aligning them with what’s highest in them so they can play a bigger and more purposeful game on their own terms. She really gets that all humans have a deep yearning for meaning in their life and their work. By providing them with the tools and the support they need to unleash what is best in them, they can go far beyond merely functioning to flourishing and experience new heights of happiness and success in their personal and professional lives in ways that are meaningful to them.

The Painting


In his famous 1963 speech, Dr Martin Luther King did not proclaim: “I have a plan!” No! He declared: “I have a dream!”

This statement created an inspiring vision which unleashed energy and mobilized enthusiasm to create a new form of equality and justice for all citizens in American society.

The name of the painting which illustrates some of the services on this website is by the French painter, Henri Rousseau, and is aptly called “The Dream”, or, “Le Rêve”. As strange as this painting may seem, and you may wonder what connection it has with work, companies are like jungles. They can either be destructive, life-threatening places, full of muck and negativity, where humans don’t matter very much at all except to produce results whatever the cost may be.

And yet they can also be places of positive transformation and innovation where great things happen for everyone: the people who work there, the customers, the company and society. This is the dream we at Thriving Workplace Solutions have for workplaces everywhere. A dream where the workplace climate is balanced and vibrant. Where humans thrive in their endeavours to serve their organization. A place so attractive, people clamour to work there. A vision where leadership is authentic, and inspires positive collaboration to create extraordinary outcomes. A reality where managers take time to support their people in making progress with meaningful work. A place where employees experience fulfillment because they’re making a meaningful contribution to something greater than themselves.

This is what Thriving Workplace Solutions is about. We look forward to hearing from you.

In order to gain clearance to use the painting you see displayed on the website, it took considerable research on intellectual property rights on works of art. This took me from the Swiss Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern, Switzerland to Christie’s in Geneva, then on to Florence, and then to the MoMa in New York city where this painting is displayed. Finally, I came across Professor Chris Sprigman of the New York University School of Law, and author of the Knockoff Economy. With his kind and generous support, he was able to confirm that in fact, it was absolutely in my right to use the image you see displayed on the website which is from the public domain and is copyright free.